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The dusk of war by JB1992 The dusk of war by JB1992

The dusk of war prologue story.

“Sometimes a war is fought silently, sometimes it isn't
whether it is or is not depends on the scale and the parties involved.” 

~General Gladius.~

General, we picked up a distress call from a Unknown planet location 142.23.43 - Alpha quadrant.

The distress call was transferred to a optic hollo projector On deck of the Horizon class. 
This massive ship was nicknamed by the crew as the ~Warbird~, for some reason it was given this
General Gladius wouldn't bother that his man had given her a name, he kind of liked the idea.
Gladius also Captain of the ship thought it to be good for the moral of his crew. 

An annoying beeping sound could be heard coming from the hallways of the ship, 
It means the ship was preparing for Hyper Dimensional Instantaneous Travel or also known as
quantum Travel. In a instance the beeping sound stopped and for a second time stood still… 
Someone with equipment was running through the hallway, maybe an engineer who forgot
something? It seemed he slipped in a hurry and dropped some of his equipment, 
it was floating still in space Just before it hit the ground. For some reason time stood still but
consciously I could observe Space time itself, I was thinking about what would happen
if the equipment hit the ground, 
The device was clearly something handheld,
it had a plier of some kind on it and it seemed to be powered by a roundish looking core.
It wasn't that small and probably very heavy. 
I was wondering what he was doing with a plier that
size as in a second time turned back to normal and the device bounced on the floor of the hallway,
the guy seemed okay and I gently asked him if he was alright, just as that happened, a voice over
the intercom gently said:

“Faraway,  Arrival at Faraway prime in 20 minutes

The announcement ended with a soft low beep. Faraway was star system in the Eramon Empire with
a huge Radar array station orbiting a planet called Faraway-prime a rocky planet with no atmosphere
but according to someone it had 
structures on it, probably mostly military as no one was allowed to
enter the atmosphere of the planet, I turned towards the hologram room that was still projecting the
distress call information.
General Gladius was silently observing the shown information as In the corner two Union guards
emerged coming from a Transportation platform in the corner of the hollo room,
the Guards moved aside as the transportation platforms ring was glowing again.
General Gladius was waiting in front of the platform to greet the Next person coming through the
transportation platform.
Out of the transporter stepped an Union captain of a small two ship armada
also stationed at Faraway, they were also send to investigate the distress call it seemed.
General Gladius stepped towards the captain and said something, they both walked toward
the hollo projector in the middle of the room, and the Union guards
 next to the transporter suddenly
changed position and walked aside. General Gladius showed the Union captain some informative intel
on the hollo screen, it looked like a strategic plan of some sort, suddenly they turned aside as in the
middle of the room a gigantic plan unfolds, it being projected all over the room, it looked like a live-
feed of the situation probably coming from the radar array
 that was orbiting the planet
it Precisely showed the position of four ships in the system,
as they zoomed in it was clear that it was a capitol Trident class ship,
the computer showed some detailed information about the ship internal structure and weapons.
It seemed some of the four ships had malfunctioning cannons as they were old And badly
maintained. According to Union intel shown to the right the ships where packed full with fighters 
And bombers as they raged a ravage on the planet’s surface. It seemed the fighting on the surface 
Of the planet was climaxing as several flashes accrued on its surface.

Thermal and radiation readings was put on one of the hollo projections.
Radiation readings showed they were using nuclear weapons, the flashes became red glowing dots
on the surface of the planet as the animation turned from live feed to a radiation reading.
they were bombarding the surface of the planet with nuclear weapons so it seemed.
It was clear for General Gladius that they had to take action upon this galactic outrage.

Gladius said: Using Nuclear weapons against a unknown organic life form that is probably
not capable of defending itself is a tread against life and its existence itself,
we can’t let that happen, 
At least not on our watch. It’s Time to take action
upon this outrage of the capitol Empire, prepare Your men 
I want to have this done ASAP,
we are going to send or capitol friends a message!

General Gladius saluted the Union captain, its fangs could be seen as he looked at the Hollo
projection that showed the capitol ships armada. The Union captain saluted back and returned to the
transport room. The Plans of engagement where clear, Surprise the enemy in a blitz,
flank the battle ships, damage their pride and take away their moral to fight.
It sound easy although capitol won’t give up that easy, they won’t see this coming that’s for sure. 
Gadius returned to the hollo projector and was preparing his fleet, or at least a small part of it.
He had two hundred and fifty ships under his command, also known as the Omega Armada.
It consisted of a few Horizon class ship and some Auryon escort ships.

I was thinking about the encounter as general Gladius prepared the ships line out on a holographic
board in the middle of the room, Three Escort ships and one Battlecruiser and also two Union 
class Ships? Probably under command of the Union captain... Wait… no fighters?
It seemed the horizon class had no fighters docked, the anchor class however had some…
Obviously general Gladius knows what he was doing, Knowing capitol has a bunch of fighters
swarming the area… right?

The Trident class Battleships of the capitol Empire are bulky murderous battle machines
that have a massive front ram, Though the Horizon class is heavily armed to the teeth…
Four battleships against five escorts and a battlecruiser.. seems fair play right? 

The hollo projector suddenly changed view from a battle plan suite to a game like Strategy suite
in which the ships are virtually fighting each other, the computer then predicted a 
it showed that there would be at least two damaged ships and a possible 98% success rate.
Gladius then swipes away the Hollo projection and the room turned back to normal.
Gladius signs his men to Prepare his fleet setup, he turns towards the command seat and sits down
Waiting for its composed fleet to spawn in a few seconds at Faraway, the ships of the Union where
already In the system and rallying towards their set points, a few minutes later three Escort ships
From the nearby quantum gate and they also rallied towards their set point.
General Gladius turns his seat towards the center of the room end started the intercom.

Gladius: All men on deck and all battle stations manned prepare the reactor core drivers of all ships,
we are going in hot! Let’s show them how we fight, 
I want you guys  to open fire immediately on the
enemy ships! don’t give them any change of back fire! The moment we enter from hyperspace is the
moment we strike, fast and swift. 
I want this scum cleaned up immediately!

Gladius switches some setings on the intercom module and five screens popup.
The Five captains of the escorts ships can be seen on the screens:

Gladius: Escort One, Two, Three, Four and Five stay in formation around “warbird”
She will lead the main attack and disable the heavy cannons of the battleships. 

“Escort One” you go forward from the left flank of the warbird the moment we enter from hyper-
drive and attack the behind battleships hangar pods. 
Warbird will focus fire on her left flank,
she will obliterate the battleships passing by.

“Escort Two” stay under the warbird to cover her hull flank!

“Escort Three” you cover the right flank of warbird.  
any fleeing ships that break formation are yours to take!

“Union Escort Four and Five” push forward  from your positions and give fire support where needed
You’re the first to arrive on the planet surface to give aid where needed.

“Union Escort Five” You’ve a special package, launch the radiation emulation device once in the
atmosphere of the planet, don’t bother shooting the ships, instead use al core power to power the
schields Of your vessel, this package must arrive intact!
Further plans are from your commanding officers”

The Eramon escorts and the warbird will draw attention from the fighters in the area
After all They’re designed to eat fighters for breakfast!  Warbird out… 


The dusk of war prologue story by: JB1992 CC BY ©

all Models made by: JB1992  CC BY 
Model made in: Google sketchup 8.
Rendered in: Kerkythea. double sequence pass also for some sprite effects
the render consists of multiple rendered layers to create a singe layer render result.
Render Time: +- 5 minutes per layer on (Intel Core I7) 8 threads. (10 min for the missile smoke effect sprites)
After effects added in: RW-paint, Photoshop (mostly glow and sharpen also some sprites that couldn't be rendered)
Total time spent making: Unknown
Author: JB1992 CC BY ©

Horizon class and the auryon class belong to :iconjb1992:
Anchor class and Trident class belong to ~EmperorMyric~

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