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Pulsed phase cannon by JB1992 Pulsed phase cannon by JB1992
Pulsed phase cannon.


manufacturer: Eramo Empire Heavy Arsenals.
type of weapon: Energy
Projectile TOP speed: speed of light
Fire speed: 800 rpm
power source: main Zero point flux reactor.
Weapon arcs: 50 UP, 360 TURN.

Pulsed Phase cannons are a type of phase modulated directed energy weapon, this weapon can be found on Eramon ships in many variants: very big, small, dual mounted, multi or just single mounted. some even have build in enhanced armored domes or shield casters. The version showed above is a single mounted version with a overheating vent as extra add-on. The cannons shoots rapid bolts of Energy thus dealing draining damage to shields and thermal damage to hulls, though a small portion is kinetic damage or blast damage. 


The PPC (pulsed Phase cannons) shoot rapid bolts of phase-modulated energy, the energy is shifted in phase by a modulator inside the barrel of the cannon.
the energy is created in a special reactor unit, mostly placed directly under the turret. The energetic damage of a beam can with ease destroy a small shields. 
The cannons main function is to destroy the shields on bombers or fighter planes, but in a battery can also easily destroy bigger shields from frigates, destroyers or attack-boats. 
The cannon inflicts equal damage on both short as medium range, but has never been tested on long range targets so this factor is unsure. 

Effectiveness and Use:

PPC cannons are used for disabling Shields on medium sized ships, bomber and fighter planes and can also be used to inflict thermal damage.
Being extremely potent at medium and short range against both shields and armor the PPC cannons also has a very high rate of fire.
however this Limits it in effectiveness because the cannons do overheat very fast on this fire speed setting. for effective use its set to 450 RPM instead of 800 RPM.
some cannon also have a back-vent to countermeasure the overheating problem, It can shoot at highest mode with the vent opened, 
though with the vent exposed makes the turret a easy target for heat-seeking missiles or thermal targeting modules.

The cannons have a fast rate of fire and also a fast rate of targeting (moving).
They’re not effective against big vessels. And can easily overheat without the proper vents installed. 
The cannons main function is to disable Shields and it can also be used to inflict thermal damage.

Model made in: Google sketchup 8.
Rendered in: Kerkythea.
Render Time: 4 hours 48 min 149 frames on (Intel Core I7). 
After effects added in: RW-paint, ( layout watermark)
Total time spent making: Approximately 1 day.
Author: JB1992  

Copyrighted © 7-4-2013 By JB1992. 
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EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
so kind of similar to my plasma cannons in use...
JB1992 Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah, but those turrets just shoot a bunch of particles, but indeed the Ionized gas it shoots is plasma, along with a wide range of other energized particles. (its not telling what exactly, but if the plasma aint killing it the rest does :XD:) but the percentages and purity of the of plasma differs allot from you plasma cannons (also the size :XD:), because Union plasma cannons are probably shooting a pure 100% plasma beam, making it potentially way stronger then this little bugger is, =D

EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 14, 2013  Student General Artist
ah ok thats cool! And yea Union plasma cannons use a 100% plasma bolt as a projectile ;)
JB1992 Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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December 14, 2013
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