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E-Type Breacher Drone by JB1992 E-Type Breacher Drone by JB1992
E-type Breacher Drone



manufacturer: Eramo Empire Heavy Arsenals.
type of weapon: Energy drone
Projectile TOP speed: classified
power source: main Zero point flux reactor.
Weapon arcs: can maneuver to any direction

Drone weapons are a later feature of the Eramons Empire and are probably one of the few projectile weapons used by the Eramons. 
the E-type drone is big (fat) is size drone and looks somewhat like a egg, this is because it houses many components, some nations revere to it as a "fat bom" look.


the Drone houses a multipurpose engine unit, that uses multiple ways of driving the drone, one of which is a Ion drive, and the other one is a quantum drive
the Ion drive is used for directional guidance to a target, the Ion thrusters are placed around the drone to give it a omnidirectional thrust capability in space.
the quantum drive kicks in at a 25 to 10 km range of the target. the quantum drive is capable of warping the drone trough the shielding in the hull
at a blink of an eye, the special top covering functions as a shielding conductor that conducts the shields energy around the drone,
this conductor head only works on energy type shield. 
Phasing shields or altering energy shields also have no effect on the piercing power of the drone.
the head or top of the drone is basically a directional output of a small Mulucultommeron device inside, the Mulucultommeron simply warps
all mater in front of the directional output around the drone, the drone however can only pierce straight thought the vessel by this.

The drone  can explodes or implode inside a ship, this entirely depends on the payload it carries.
A fun thing to note is that the drone also can be used to deliver packages inside ships, you might think this is a bad idea
because its making a big hole in the hull of a vessel, but that's not true, the Mulucultommeron re-orders all mater back to its original place
when entering trough, so it can be used for transporting packages.

Drones are currently released from hangar bays since there are no docks available at this point in time. The Eramon engineers are currently working an a special tube system
for releasing hundreds of them at once. though most of this project is secret, newer Eramon vessel will probably have the new weapon installed as a permanent system.

Effectiveness and Use:

The E-Type Drone has a large surface area so it can with ease be targeted by laser weapons (AA) though when in Ion drive mode seems to be though to hit because of its extreme maneuverability.
the drone has a "big" payload capability and can therefore also be used to deliver packages, though this being a strange happening my it occur.
there is a wide variety of drones available, they are specifically chosen for the task. 
the E-type drone uses close proximity Scramble technology to scramble most AA targeting systems nearby
the drone can also be fitted with scanning aperture for making fully detailed scans of unknown ships.

Model made in: Google sketchup 8.
Rendered in: Kerkythea.
Render Time: 48 min 149 frames on (Intel Core I7). 
After effects added in: RW-paint, (layout watermark)
Total time spent making: Approximately 1 day.
Author: JB1992  

Copyrighted 7-4-2013 By JB1992. 
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