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Dynamic multi axled laser turret. by JB1992 Dynamic multi axled laser turret. by JB1992
Dynamic multi-axled laser turret. 
(D-MAL turret)


manufacturer: Eramo Empire Heavy Arsenals.
type of weapon: Laser
Projectile TOP speed: Speed of light.
Fire speed: 10000 rpm
power source: main Zero point flux reactor.
Weapon arcs: 360 UP, 360 TURN,

laser weapons have always been around for defense against projectiles. The normal mono-axled laser turrets where often insufficient for space combat 
because of the directional focus approach, (they can only target one projectile a time). The Dynamic multi-axled laser turret however can target up to ten targets.
and has a stunning 10000 rpm fire speed. The design of the turret has been altered many times to ultimately become efficient an powerful.
the latest designs feature ten directed laser outputs. The laser outputs can be set to fire in sync or in a given pattern or just fire individually.


The Dynamic multi-axled laser turret or D-MAL turret is a very complex and powerful weapon system. The D-MAL is categorized as laser weapon but it is actually a pulsar ray beamer type weapon, The D-MAL fires a Inertial fusion beam at its target, the beam is made using Inertial fusion reaction. In the fusion reactor core a fusion releases a burst of fusion-energy, High-energy neutrons and quasi trons are filtered out of the fusion core by means of an electromagnetic centrifuge coil field projector, (about 80 % of the energy) is filtered out and used effectively as beam. The beam is directed through a catalyst accelerator and a pulsar wave diode. the pulsed beam is then directed through electromagnetically stabilized tubes to the  lower receiver of the laser pivot mount, the inner ball pivot receiver uses an oscillation diode crystal to direct the pulse in one of the out-put lenses,
The oscillation diode crystal won't let through laser beams from the out put side, but it allows a laser through only from one side (from the in-side in this case), (hence the term diode) Special weapons that're made to sabotage beamer/laser weapons wont effect this type of laser CIWS because of its diode like behavior in the optical system.

Effectiveness and Use

D-MAL Laser turrets are found on all classes of ship, and also on small planes, The lasers are triple P3 (PPP) (pin point precision) weapons and can also be used as shield drainers. They can be found in arrays of six on the side of a navy vessel or at the tip or back of a plane were they can cover the flanks and also fire forward or backward if necessary. D-MAL Laser systems are almost always used as defense weapon yet can be used as offence weapon, the D-MAL laser basically is a long range weapon. it's job is essentially to destroy incoming targets but it can also be used as massive strike weapon, in which a array of 24 lasses can shoot a barrage of thousands of beams at a shielded target basically blinding and draining the Shields very quickly. a turret can also focus multiple beams at one point making it even more dangerous. The ball mount has multiple laser outputs, this makes the turret super efficientA few of those turrets (hence way there placed in arrays of six) can easily take down vastly moving swarms of targets, be it drones or a barrages of projectiles, even missiles with special anti CIWS armor.
ani laser/ beamer weapon systems wont effect this system because of the diode crystal inside, preventing indirect fire. and thus making it the first system not to be affect by anti laser / laser attacks
The only weak spots of D-MAL is that it overheats all the outputs in congested situations.

Model made in: Google sketchup 8.
Rendered in: Kerkythea.
Render Time: 1 hours 48 min 149 frames on (Intel Core I7). 
After effects added in: RW-paint, ( layout watermark)
Total time spent making: Approximately 3 days.
Author: JB1992  

Copyrighted © 7-4-2013 By JB1992. 
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PhoenixEnd Featured By Owner May 28, 2014
is it alright if I take part of the design for a mass effect fanfic I'm writing?
I agree with the mono-axle design weakness for laser PDWs but was struggling to come up with a design concept for a multi-axle one like yours.
Like what shape do you think is the best to provide the most firing lines? Something like a dodecahedron or a Conway polyhedron? Or maybe even a Iscosidodecahedron?
Thank you and awesome images you have made.
JB1992 Featured By Owner Jun 2, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Well obviously you need a shape with lots of surface area, I was actually thinking of a "Goldberg polyhedron, Icosahedral" , you can use the hexagons on the polyhedron as facets for the laser outputs for instance,
also a multi-facet laser should fire beams (concentrated bursts) while it spins, in terms a laser pulsar is more powerful then a normal laser projector because of the constant stream of bursts (pulses).
also keep in mind you need an axle mechanism to "mount" your ball created in, you can go for a single axle or a double fork joint, (like mine has), using the single option will give you the advantage to turn each side individually. 
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist
You just have to go make something better than mine eh? 


seriously awesome concept!

JB1992 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
LOL, yeah, I admit the idea of the laser weapon was indeed inspired by yours, =D
when I was making the sprite version for the union vessel I used this as a Muze:…
The link shows a real world application laser weapon. though the whole pivot construction is sort of universal...
so why not improve upon space dynamics warfare :XD:
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist
haha brilliant i do think this is fantastic!

And exactly take new weapons and make them space worthy!
JB1992 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Should I make a sprite version? in Union blue and with red laser focusing arrays. :) we can always RP its made in the Joined tactical warfare and research department on Eldrani =D

EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist
Now that would be awesome! i have to say a joint ship project between us would be seriously cool!
JB1992 Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
well I have all the guns and cannons... are you thinking what I'm thinking?! 
ow shit, we are so going to do this when I'm done making that damn heavy cruiser model. =D
EmperorMyric Featured By Owner Dec 2, 2013  Student General Artist

Holy shit this is gonna be awesome!
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