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About Digital Art / Hobbyist Jochem B24/Male/Netherlands Recent Activity
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Talos Tank WIP 2 :iconjb1992:JB1992 10 12 Scout WIP 2 :iconjb1992:JB1992 21 12 WIP Scout :iconjb1992:JB1992 14 2 Omorgus development WIP :iconjb1992:JB1992 12 10 detailed showcase of the Omorgus MBT platfrom :iconjb1992:JB1992 11 9 The silent Hunter :iconjb1992:JB1992 59 10 MSC Snow netting :iconjb1992:JB1992 9 2 MSC Desert netting :iconjb1992:JB1992 17 0 MSC Temperate grass woodland netting :iconjb1992:JB1992 15 8 MSC Night Forest Netting :iconjb1992:JB1992 12 0 Active Protection System Idea 22 :iconjb1992:JB1992 16 0
(p3) Progress so far... Tweaking AI.
Alright that’s done, now let’s boot the hardware up, but first install this Module here,…
Hardware is powered on; check,
Configurable Systems are online: check,
UI unit is powered on; check,
Quantum Processing Unit is working, QPU; check,
all systems booting up, yes! Let’s see if “she” works this time…
“(buzzing computer sounds)”
Okay…, no welcoming voice?, Problem with the sound card I see…
Ahh, it’s a driver problem…, lets load it in…, and….,
“(melodic test sound, followed by beautifully composed start-up Sound)”
“Computer voice: Good day “administrator” I’m Clera your personal AI assistance.
Use commands to navigate me,…”
Hello Clera, I’m so gonna navigate you, hehehehe”, let’s see…,
where’s the
:iconjb1992:JB1992 4 0
(p2) Progress so far... Testing lab destroyed.
Alright, Computer I think my “ear problem” is no more, so would you mind cancelling the appointment for today?
“Computer voice: You sure?... Cancelling appointment,…”
Well, let’s commence testing shall we, Tachyon screen is up, no distortion detected,…
The plasma shield seems to work fine at set distance of tachyon screen,
the dampening coils are running at 100% efficiency, and there’s no gamma noise in the system…
Okay Computer make a note of that,…
“Computer voice: note added”
Okay, Computer show me the output status so far on screen,…
“Computer voice: 52.56% and counting up by 0.01% P/sec”
Alright, keep the power ratios steady, and increase it by 0.01% P/sec.
“Computer voice: 52.58% and counting up by 0.02% P/sec”
Alright, move the tachyon screen “Slowly” a little bit closer
:iconjb1992:JB1992 4 0
(p1) Progress so far... Just another day at work.
We need to start up the electromagnetic field and activate the dampening coils, it should hold this time…
computer voice: Starting up coil drivers…  Output is at 100% efficiency.”
Good, the coil dampening rods are holding, I see no disturbances in the flux field,
hmmmm it seems to work, let’s make a note of that shell we…
Computer Voice: “Note added to personnel libraries,”  “Should we Proceed further to step two?
Wait…, don’t go too hasty on me "Clera", you saved the note to the wrong directory… Ughh, let me fix that first…
“Computer set “Note” save folder to map “C:/MTPTest102”… "Also Change name "Computer" to Clera"
“Computer Voice: Note Directory set to MTPTest102”,
"Error could not rename Computer to Clera.."

And I finely tough I had found the perfect Woman in life but she doesn't lik
:iconjb1992:JB1992 4 0
Shield MT-P concept. :iconjb1992:JB1992 11 5 Jaguar XM Update :iconjb1992:JB1992 20 5
Newset Submissions By JB1992.

. Art genre: Sci-fi, 3D modeling,Fur and Wallpapers.
. Most recent genre: Sci-fi 3D.
. Favourite genre: Sci-fi 3D.
. Also Included: Anthro art (furry), character designs, wallpapers and fractals.


A4 Osprey :iconmrjumpmanv4:MrJumpManV4 57 6 Jackelope APC :icondehzinn:Dehzinn 7 3 City Concept :iconerenarik:erenarik 1,420 79 Derrick and his Osprey :iconmrjumpmanv4:MrJumpManV4 49 7 Mech+Tanks :iconmrjumpmanv4:MrJumpManV4 90 3 Lightning Drake :iconsorteagan:Sorteagan 9 11 Captain Burns :iconsorteagan:Sorteagan 9 15 Liolus :iconsorteagan:Sorteagan 8 8
Mature content
MAAV-8 Wyvern :iconcrimsonfalke:CrimsonFALKE 23 2
Sometimes :iconplatinum190:PLATINUM190 9 0 Space Dock WIP 1 :icongp-sketcher:GP-Sketcher 3 0 Tiger I :iconmmitov:MMitov 10 3 M41 Walker Bulldog :iconmmitov:MMitov 46 8 Merkava 3 MK III Tank :iconmmitov:MMitov 27 9 Halcyon MagTrain :iconmadcomm:madcomm 9 4 Nuclear Ecumene Powered Armor (Remake) :iconnitroraptor:Nitroraptor 7 6



Jochem B
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Current Residence: .Den Helder (Holland)
style of art: csi-fi

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